Dried Hydrangea Fall Wreath | DIY


When I was a kid, my dad stuck some brittle hydrangea stalk cuttings into the dirt here and 20 years later, we still have a thriving “snowball bush” (that’s what we call it here in the South).  The acidic pH levels in our soil keep our snowballs a beautiful blue color that fades to purple before drying.

(You can change the color of your hydrangea by adding or subtracting lime/aluminum to your soil; read all about that here.)

After a long and dry summer, the snowballs have begun to dry and I usually clip a few to put in a vase over the fall/winter months, but this year I decided to try a wreath.



This is suuuuper simple, y’all.  Like, no-instructions-truly-necessary simple.

I purchased a grapevine wreath and floral wire at my local Dollar Tree and cut some dried/drying hydrangeas from the plant.


I left a long stalk on the hydrangea so there was wiggle room for wrapping and securing it to the wreath.

I placed hydrangea around the wreath to create a full appearance and secured each piece with the floral wire.


That’s it.  Seriously!
After you spend some time cleaning up the loose dried petals that fall off and give the wreath a nice “fluff” to make sure it’s full and secured, it’s ready to hang.

For two bucks and some change, I made this fall wreath!


I found this cute shutter at an antique shop recently and I thought it’d be the perfect place to hang my wreath.  Now I have to figure out where to place this in the house.

Happy Fall, y’all!


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