Clyde’s Fresh Produce | Grovetown, GA

Clyde’s Fresh Produce opened up their farm in Grovetown to the community last Sunday.  It was a beautiful afternoon for grilling, chatting, and hay rides!  We always enjoy the chance to talk with this sweet family and wander their 15 acres, seeing where all the amazing food we purchase comes from!  The squash had been freshly harvested, green peppers, eggplants, and okra were still growing (and I have to admit with a hint of embarrassment I had no idea it grows on tall flowering stalks!), and they had a lovely fall/winter vegetable patch.
We left with our bellies full and our arms fuller:  butternut squash, jalapeños, a jar of honey, and another 10 lbs of potatoes for the winter.

We appreciate all that they do for our community and for welcoming us to their home and feeding us throughout the year!









If you live in the Grovetown area, please check out Clyde’s Fresh Produce!  During the summer they have a tent out on Lewiston Road to stop and purchase produce and you can find them downtown at The Augusta Market on Saturdays through the summer and fall.


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